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    Moscheni's hunting accessories

    accompany your passion.

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    A new season has started!

    get ready with Moscheni's hunting accessories and kits.

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    Craftsmanship and Quality

    Effectivness and simplicity

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    Take care of your weapons

    with our accessories for cleaning shotguns, rifles and guns


GM has always created handicrafts to accompany your passion.


The quality of our tools coupled with the experience of the persone that uses them guarantees efficacy.

GM, apart from beeing the only Italian birdcall factory, boasts a wide range of products used to simulate the calls of various bird species and offers its customers a wide assortment of accessories for cleaning weapons.

The range of mouth and hand bird lures, seemed to be doomed to extintion from the world of hunting supplanted by electronic systems; in time though hunters revalued traditional lures that have always been considered a more sporty and attractive means of approach to the prey.

Moscheni provides its customers a fast and efficient service thanks to its well organized warehouse that is always stocked with products with competitive prices while maintaining a high quality of construction required to meet at its best the demands of its customers.

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